About us

We are a group of Companies who have already  built 10 Portfolios 1 for ourselves and 3 for High Net Worth Investors. We now own and operate over 550 properties spread around the North West of England and Yorkshire. They range from individual houses to blocks of flats where we own the freehold of the block.

If you are seriously interested in Investing and meet our criteria to be a Bondholder/ Shareholder  then we can provide you with facts and figures about the existing portfolios we own and operate with our current Investors. But see our sample investments to see what sort of properties we buy

We have raised funds to repay two of the Investors in full and  the third 75%. So we already have an established track record in building portfolios from start to finish and repaying Investors.

Our Investment Strategy

Our strategy is simple.           

  • We invest for yield rather that capital growth. We get capital growth but that is a bonus
  • We keep investments simple to minimise management input and so maximise net returns. So no HMOs Airbnbs etc
  • We aim to pick the right property in the right street in the right town. We aim to find the right tenant for that property. Our track record shows we do this with some success and our experience over the last 8 years means we are experts in doing so.
  • We invest for the long term. Our aim is to keep and improve properties and in doing so improve rental returns whilst at the same time paying down debt.

Our strategy is not fixed in stone. If circumstances change then so will our strategy. But it is based on a belief that Property is the one Investment that retains and increases in value the longer it is held.