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These examples have been chosen to showcase the different types of properties we purchase from large blocks of flats to individual houses. These properties all give good returns against the original purchase price. That is because rents have improved over the the period we have owned them. Although rents have risen in the last 2 years most of that improvement has actually come about from improvements to the property, better management and in particular Tenant Selection which is critical to a rental business.

With over 550 properties it is difficult to find “typical” examples because we own such a wide variety of properties with varying returns That includes some commercial properties.

Ramsden Court.

This is a block of 20 flats in Barrow. We purchased the freehold in June 2015. The purchase price was £650,000. It was already fully occupied. It did not require a great deal of work on purchase so the total cost with all expenses was £660,000. However as Tenants have left flats have needed refurbishment to a greater or lesser degree. That comes from the rents.

Since purchase we have improved its management and that has increased its value. Its current rent roll is £112,000 so on the original purchase price a yield of over 16%. When last valued by the Bank it was valued at £845,000. That was in 2020

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This is a property in the Town Centre of Barrow. It is near the Shipyard which is the main Employer. Barrow was not a prosperous town  when we purchased the property but it had strong rental demand and housing benefit rates at that time were the same or even more than market rent so we could rent to either private or DSS clients. So whatever happened to the Town at that price and when we purchased with a yield of 10% it was a good buy. As it happens Barrow is now in a strong position to prosper because of its main Employer BAE benefitting from new geo political situation but even if that had not happened this was always going to be a great buy and has proved to be. This is the type of property you can own for 20, 30 or 50 years and get a greater and greater return on your original investment.

Derby Road.

This property is not dissimilar to Ramsden Court.  But we  purchased the freehold in September 2022. It is 34 flats in Blackpool. It is in a great location very near the seafront and the Town Centre. When we purchased it was in a very run down condition and with a number of challenging Tenants.

The purchase price was £970,000 and the rent roll about £95,000. The property was fully occupied but required a number of essential works to bring it up to modern standards. So we had to spend about £60,000 initially. With stamp duty this brought the total purchase price with all expenses to £1,050,000.

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We have taken steps to improve the property and improve the Tenant base. This in turn has enabled us to improve the rents  and as a result we now have a rental income of £161,000 per annum. This will improve over the years. So that means a yield of over 15%.

Blackpool is one of the most deprived towns in the North West but we believe it has potential for improvement, It is surrounded by a number of better areas and there are plans to improve the quality of its offering to visitors.

However whether that does or does not happen we are confident that this will be another property in our portfolio that will give great returns over the next 20 to 50 years. 

64 Church Street.

This is a house converted into 5 flats again in Barrow. We purchased in April 2020. The purchase price was £135,000.It was fully occupied and did not need any works to begin with so with expenses it only cost £136,000. The rents are now £24,600 so a return over 18%

It is actually next to our Ramsden Court property so we could be confident in its location and rental potential. Again this is an  advantage of having a larger portfolio because you become familiar with areas where you already have one property. That is why we have a  number of properties in the same street.

It is yet another property that we can hold for many years and be confident of getting a great return.

4/4a Mount Florida Carlisle.

This is a house converted into 2 flats in Carlisle that we purchased in May 2018. The purchase price was £49,000. It did not require any work on purchase so the total price was £50,430. Again it had Tenants but a yield of 14% now improved to £8,400 so over 16%.  Another simple property that can be let for years to come.

19 Duncan Street Barrow

This is a simple two bed terraced property purchased in Barrow in 2017 for £39,950 ( important  as it meant no stamp duty was payable). It needed quite a bit of work so the total cost was £47,000. It was vacant on purchase but rents then  probably meant a potential yield of about 10%. However we are now getting £7,500 per annum from a social housing group. So that means a return of 16%.

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